On a dark night, standing beneath a street lamp, a person approaches you and asks for help finding their keys.

You can't see them and ask, "Where did you lose them?"

They reply, "Bushes over there, in the dark."

"Why are we looking here?"

"It's where the light is."

Aaron Monikowski

- Chief Scientific Officer

  • Over a decade of experience in research and development

  • Contributed to multiple drugs on the market that are curative and transformative

  • Trained as a molecular biologist and protein biochemist.

  • Specializing in rapidly learning, applying, and connecting new and disparate subjects.

  • Contributed to immunology, virology, hematology, metabolic disorders, neurology, and more.

  • Proponent of behavioral economics for team building and leadership.

At Glow Worm Ideas, We Make Our Own Light

Reducing & Simplifying Complexity

Leadership Mentoring and Team Building

Molecular Design

Assay Refinement

Productivity Improvements

Product Development and Manufacturing

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"He is an idea machine."

- Ryan Schulz MSc

"His curiosity, passion, and drive position him for success in this innovative venture. He is always thinking and synthesizing information from different perspectives into a novel picture. It's what I love science wise about him. I think of him as one of my own kids. He happily embraces his internal geek." - Krista Johnson MSc

"He does an incredible job." - Melissa Lasaro, PhD

"He is an incredibly sharp scientist."

- Anjli Kukreja, PhD

"Unique thinking for unique solutions."

- Dominic Ambrosi, PhD

"He is very talented at finding alternative solutions to problems using the scientific literature and technical documentation." - Walter Voegtli, PhD

"He is very insightful and an excellent troubleshooter. He is extremely diligent and thorough!" - Taneisha Mack, MSc


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