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V-Arm - Universal VR Shoulder Stock

V-Arm - Universal VR Shoulder Stock

Hello Friend!


The V-Arm is a truly innovative solution for VR gun stock immersive gameplay!


It is an intuitive and on-demand system that works with every game and all hardware with one step set up!


No magnets! No limitations! No Hassle! 


Throw, pump-bolt-lever action, Melee, Patty Cake, and more Seamlessly and Intuitively!


Other VR Gunstocks are limited to one specific controller and have to be replaced when you upgrade your VR hardware. The V-Arm is special because it will still work when you upgrade your VR hardware! Future proofed and high value!


Play the WAY you want WHEN you want HOW you want!


Designed by a neuroscientist, there is simply nothing else like the V-Arm! True intuitive control. It will quickly become an extension of your will!


Immersive Aiming Freedom!


Enjoy, Aim True, and Have Fun!






  • Disclaimer

    Consider your surroundings when using the V-Arm and engaging in XR in general to prevent unwanted collisions with your environment.

$85.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
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