Recruiting Entitled Pieces ... (part 1)

Me: Hello Luis. This is the CSO of Glow Worm LLC.

Luis: Aaron?

Me: Oh! You've heard of me? Yes, the one and only.

Luis: We were just texting...

Me: I heard you may be interested in helping refine our VR device?

Luis: Potentially, yes.

Me: How would you do this? Provide all your notes in granular detail.

Luis: Well, from the definition of the problems I'd have to be debriefed on current design and intent in order to make device recommendations to refine the product.

Me: Professional, logical, reasonable. Are you willing to sign your life away to see it?

Luis: I'd have to read and review the NDA, but ultimately yes. It wouldn't be the first time. You know how much I know about electrical infrastructure and military projects? Nothing.

Me: That's perfect because this has nothing to do with electrical infrastructure or the military ... officially. You could probably club a dude with it, with the right attitude. You've got me thinking. I like it. What say you come in for an interview? I'm not only the CSO, but also the janitor, so you'll have to take your shoes off.

Luis: Before any of that, let's discuss compensation. What's the salary range?

Me: Awfully presumptive of you. Rude.

Luis: ...

Me: Ok. Counsel has handed me the NDA. Fairly boiler plate stuff. Our accountant tells me we can write you a check. Clause 2b dictates you will be charged twice its value if it is deposited or cashed. I recommend you bury it. Like an investment. You'll also need to be chipped. Standard procedure.

Luis: Wouldn't be the first time.

Me: Hmmm...

Luis: I mean, it would be, officially.

Me: Something tells me I know more nothing about electrical infrastructure and military projects than you do. Not sure this is going to work out.

Can you keep a secret? Prove it.

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