... of the puzzle (part 2)

Me: Thanks for letting me apologize and being the bigger person. So what are you up to? I saw you moved.

Sylvie: Yeah we did. My husband got an amazing job offer so we left. It was tough leaving my last job. There was more opportunity for advancement there. Maybe one day I could've become a director. Overall, its good I was still able to get a job in my field here.

Me: You wanted to be a director? Shit, I can make you a director. I wasn't calling to recruit, but I'll give you whatever title you want. I was able to call myself chief scientific officer, legally, for less than $200. Pick your title.

Sylvie: Hahaha. Ok. Does it come with a nice name plaque? What's it pay?

Me: This again. You're not the first person to ask about money, but I like you. Say a number and I'll check exchange rates.

Sylvie: Oh, well ... maybe. Tell me more about this name plaque. Stained wood? Gold?

Me: Of course. It'll be the finest solid gold ... plated ... foil ...around ... my apartment. Take it or leave it.

Sylvie: That got bad fast.

Me: Well this is business and you have to move quick. Something you science jockeys can't do.

Sylvie: That's for the best. I don't know anything about VR. What would I even do?

Me: Direct! For starts. A thing, presumably. You're a Harvard PhD. You'll figure it out. I really like the idea of someone with your credentials getting me coffee.

Sylvie: That's not going to happen.

Me:'re fired.

Oh, what should have, could have been?

What could have been.

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