How to wrangle that creative type

Glow Worm LLC is pleased to unveil its logo.

The original design was done by artist, sculptor, and jiu-jitsu professor Ken Cotrona.

Ken Cotrona is a man of principles, passion, and resists all attempts of authority. I don't like to leverage my fancy title, but thankfully I am a dungeon master.

Below is a crude estimation of our professional endeavor.

Me: Ken, can you whip up a logo? Ken: Nyaeaha Me: Use your words.

Ken: I said ok. Glow worm? I have some ideas. Hehe.

Me: No dicks.

Ken: Nyaeahaaaaughh

Me: This is a professional endeavor.

Ken: Nyeaeaa...hrmrms?

Me: Physically? Nothing; but if I catch a glimpse of anything strange, even if it seems like a bad glare on screen, I will bestow a thousand curses on Dex Kokington. Dex may be nigh unkillable, but he will have to watch the rest of his squad die next session. Understood?

Ken: Ughgh... fine.

Me: How much?

Ken: Beer and wings.

Me: This is a professional endeavor. You get money.

Ken: Nyaeaha.

Over the next few weeks Ken refines his original design with some basic suggestions from me, such as, "Can it glow?". I'm not very important

Ken: Can you pay me with a lvl 17 rifle?

Me: Dex is only lvl 9. Money can be exchanged for beer and wings.

Ken designed a shirt

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