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Build Your New VR Gun Stock in 5 minutes

V-Arm Components

How to pre thread screw and t-nuts
Important: Make Sure t-nut protrusion faces away from screw head

1. Pre thread all screws and t-nuts loosely in the shoulder stock, elbow crook, and end cap as shown below.

2. Slot Shoulder Stock into one end of the aluminum.

3. Tighten screws with Phillips head screw driver.
Important: Do not over tighten. It may damage the plastic.

7 edited pointy uni butt fit.jpg
6 edited correct uni butt fit.jpg

Important: Ensure aluminum end is not protruding on opposite side. Gently apply pressure over aluminum end while tightening screws.

4a. Righties - Slot and fasten elbow crook on the logo side with text face up.
4b. Lefties - Slot and fasten elbow crook on opposite side with text face up.

Right Handed

Left Handed

5a. Righties - Slot and secure end cap with screw opposite side of elbow crook
5b. Lefties - Slot and secure end cap with screw same side as logo

Right Handed

Left Handed

Harness Assembly - 2 side straps and one back strap

7. Undo side release buckles and ensure the flat female end (no text) is face up. Orient back strap so flat part will contact back.

8. Insert male ends through back strap and loop toward female end. Ensure no twists occur.

9. Position closed buckle above the shoulder stock and pull harness through slots.
Right handed strap is the same side as logo.
Left handed strap is on the opposite of logo.

Right Handed

Left Handed

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